Established in the year 1971, WaxIndia is a leading company working meticulously to produce a broad spectrum of waxes and lubricants to cater to numerous businesses. Manufacturing an array of speciality waxes and lubricants, we hold core expertise in producing different forms of paraffin wax, polyethylene, micro and vegetable waxes, speciality oils, etc. Our products are used as a crucial component in various industries manufacturing rubbers, tyres, candles, moulds, cosmetics, textiles, paints, pipes, etc.

Being an ISO: 9000-14000 certified organization, WaxIndia is environment-friendly as well as socially and ethically compliant. With our State-Of-The-Art manufacturing unit combined with decades of experience, WaxIndia holds expertise in formulating speciality waxes and oils for various industrial needs in India and across the globe.

WaxIndia supports and adds value to the Make In India concept by substituting imported products for the clients. WaxIndia is expanding rapidly and aspires to be the largest wax and oil processor in the country. We are determined to accomplish new heights and carve a niche in the global market.



Our approach is driven by experience and passion in providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We firmly believe in being flexible and proficient while using our expertise to offer customized services. Strategic planning is at the core of our production process to ensure that time, resources and efforts are used to the fullest.



Clear communication is the key to accountability. WaxIndia thoroughly comprehends every aspect of the client’s business requirements and expectations and delivers impeccable solutions. We ensure that the product specifications are documented and verified before its processed.



WaxIndia’s team is dedicated to solving the queries, meeting the expectations and providing top-notch solutions to our clients. We combine scientific knowledge, latest technologies, best equipment, and experienced technicians to offer immaculate services. Our Research and Development team ensures to provide sustainable and innovative solutions.